Aramco Europe packs a picnic to advance STEM in Poland

Young visitors to the Fahrenheit Science Picnic were treated to numerous fun experiments to promote STEM learning.

Thousands of people attended the 3rd edition of the Fahrenheit Science Picnic, supported by Aramco Europe and hosted in the city of Gdańsk.

With dozens of science shows, games and experiments, the event represented another major milestone in advancing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among attendees.

Learning through play

The event which took place on May 26th at Góra Gradowa in Gdańsk, was organised by the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk (FarU) in cooperation with Hevelianum, an interactive educational park.

Promoting STEM is a major part of Aramco Europe’s citizenship programs, which aim to equip both teachers and students with skills that support knowledge in this key area. Ongoing programs in countries that include the UK, the Netherlands and Italy have already benefited thousands of participants.

Young visitors to the Fahrenheit Science Picnic were treated to numerous fun experiments and were able to learn about everything from the properties of different gases to how a pressure valve works. This year, the organisers of the picnic, in partnership with Aramco Europe, assembled a programme to introduce participants to the world of energy and technology.

It included more than 50 stands with experiments and attractions prepared by students and scientists. The event also included an exhibit dedicated to the life of Polish oil industry pioneer Ignacy Łukasiewicz.

Young participants learned about Aramco's commitment to coral reef restoration while a Lego model of a synthetic fuel production and carbon capture plant, specially presented by Aramco Europe for the occasion, also attracted great interest.

Science with energy

The picnic represents a cornerstone of Aramco Europe's partnership with FarU, which incorporates a series of educational events entitled 'Science with Energy', including the 'Energy of the Future' student competition and the 'FarU Hackathon', as well as a series of podcasts on energy.

The planned activities aim to promote STEM among students and residents of Gdańsk and to encourage participation in scientific initiatives dedicated to developing innovative energy solutions.

FarU brings together three universities: Gdańsk University, Gdańsk University of Technology and Gdańsk Medical University. Its activities focus on developing solutions to support joint research and development work.